East Belfast Photo Club

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East Belfast Photo Club (a.k.a. Shorts Camera Club) usually meet on Thursday evenings (8pm) at our purpose-built studio facility in the Shorts Sports & Recreation Club, Aircraft Park, Hollywood Road, Belfast.

Our studio is equipped with professional flash units, backgrounds, a dedicated darkroom and photo editing facilities.

Many of our members are current or past employees of Short Brothers/Bombardier Aerospace/Spirit Aerosystems in Belfast but we are open to everyone who wants to learn how to do more with their camera, whatever type of camera that might be.

We are a founding member club of the Northern Ireland Photographic Association (NIPA) and through our affiliation to NIPA our members regularly have the opportunity to represent the club and improve their work by contributing images to NIPA competitions.

To enquire about membership, which also includes a membership of Shorts Sports & Recreation Club, use the 'Contact' link.

11th February

Pre-Selection Night

Pre-selection night for NIPA round 5 – “Open” category.

Meeting on Zoom, as usual.

18th February

Edit Night

Following on from last week's pre-selection, a chance to make changes to the selected images for NIPA round 5 – “Open” category.

Meeting on Zoom, as usual.

25th February

Round 4 Adjudication

Adjudication of the NIPA Round 4 ("Emotion") images with comments from the judges.